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Calgary, Alberta – February 11, 2021

Integrity is the seed for achievement.
It is the principle that never fails.

Earl Nightingale

As ELEV8 coaches and mentors, our goal is to develop lacrosse players and assist student-athletes in ways to help them achieve success when making decisions in situations at school, at home and in peer groups.  Individuals are challenged to take the intangibles they’ve learned in practices and apply them in their environment outside of lacrosse.  The characteristics required to succeed on the lacrosse field are not much different from those needed in our daily lives.

The decision-making process can be challenging.  We are always weighing the pros and cons in situations, which may ultimately lead to negative or positive consequences for ourselves and those around us.  Ultimately, through the experience we learn to navigate these situations by understanding what we value and what’s important to us.

Throughout ELEV8 programming, we often speak of character and what it means to be a good citizen.  We discuss the importance of respecting peers, opponents and those around us.  We encourage leadership on the field during training sessions and guide in ways that contribute to the overall well-being of the community.  We explain how the small details take care of the big things and the importance of leaving a place better than we found it. 

The key ingredient in achieving success in these situations is integrity; having strong moral and ethical principles at all times, even when no one is watching.  It is part of the foundation of having strong character.  Distinguishing what is considered right versus wrong in any given situation, based on one’s values, is a task we often face.  Should I train or take the day off?  Should I attend class or skip it to hang out with my buddies?  Should I lie to my parents or tell them the truth?  Having integrity is a crucial component in development at all ages.  We are constantly tested in situations that may challenge our character as an individual.  Integrity is our anchor to help navigate “Right vs Wrong” situations.

We will face these situations at some point in our lives, no matter what the age.  Honesty, respect and responsibility are keys to navigating challenging circumstances.  Our integrity could be tested in any given situation.  Although these decisions may be difficult, staying true to our character and distinguishing the difference between “Right and Wrong” regardless of the consequences will help keep us on the path towards achievement.  Integrity is vital to our success as a participant on a team, and as a contributor in the community.