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Comfort Zone


Calgary, Alberta – January 27, 2021


- Amelia Earhart

We all have an incredible ability to push ourselves through challenging times.  As human beings, we are biologically designed to survive and endure extremely tough circumstances when faced with adversity.  Challenges present themselves in our daily lives and sometimes may even inflict discomfort or pain. As difficult as they may be in the present moment, these situations may often help us grow and develop throughout our lives.  If we avoid these situations instead of embracing them, we may fall victim to remaining in our comfort zone.  Stepping out of our comfort zone and embracing challenges can be vital to our development and growth.

During ELEV8 Training sessions, we often discuss the “comfort zone” with student-athletes and the importance of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Individuals are frequently pushed out of their comfort zones throughout training to show that they can do much more.  Experiencing some discomfort in the process, whether mentally or physically challenging, allows for potential growth they may never experience.  The environment challenges student-athletes to show them it is safe to reach their full potential by stepping out of their comfort zone.

Pain and discomfort are necessary for the growth and development of individuals.  We push ourselves in the gym or during exercise to a point where we are achy and tired.  The result of that inflicted stress is resilience and growth in our muscles and bones.  Before the lacrosse seasons starting, we stay disciplined to train hard and build endurance, strength and skill to be our best once the time comes for evaluations.  We are challenged mentally by executing repetition on repetition while studying to remember specific topics during final exams.  Our nerves are tested, and we may experience stress when we get up to share a presentation in front of the entire class.  Our growth as individuals relies on our ability to endure pain and discomfort to help us achieve our desired goals.  Stepping out of the comfort zone is crucial in our growth.

From time to time, we may hear that little voice in our head telling us to “sit this one out” or “it’s ok, you don’t need to finish.”  That’s our survival instinct kicking in, and the discomfort we are experiencing is telling our bodies that we’re running into danger or a stressful situation.  Overcoming this obstacle takes discipline, patience and practice.  Experiencing daily challenges and becoming comfortable performing in uncomfortable situations can help us reach our full potential.