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ELEV8 Lacrosse Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Milestone



Calgary, AB, June 4, 2017 – Media Release – ELEV8 Lacrosse, a North American leader in lacrosse development, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In 2007, founder Geoff Snider set out with a vision to facilitate the growth of the sport of lacrosse for boys and girls and create opportunities for youth to demonstrate exceptional character and leadership qualities to positively impact the Calgary community.  Over the course of the last 10 years, Snider along with his brother Bob, Vice President of Operations and Player Development, shaped ELEV8 Lacrosse and turned the vision into reality. Together, the Sniders have pioneered the highest quality camps, clinics, programs, travel teams, coaching guidance, and team environments to best cater to the growth and evolution of lacrosse and its participants.

ELEV8 Lacrosse has grown from a seasonal venture, managed in between National Lacrosse League seasons with two employees, to a full-time, year-round promising company that contracts 20+ employees across two sport disciplines.  Ten years later ELEV8 now hosts a broad spectrum of lacrosse camps, clinics, grassroots programming, and elite travel teams. In addition, ELEV8’s CLASSROOM Lacrosse® program introduces the sport of lacrosse to over 20,000 Southern Alberta students each year.  ELEV8 Lacrosse is proud to collaborate with community lacrosse associations to accelerate learning and support community coaching development for volunteer coaches.

“We are incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to introduce, grow, and develop the game of lacrosse and its participants, players, and student-athletes. Over our ten years we have seen the sport evolve and emerge into a very real option for players to find the means to develop as people, students, athletes, and citizens. This game has given so much to both Bob and I, and we are very grateful to be a small part of its growth and the development of young men and women as players, student-athletes, and citizens in their respective communities”, Geoff Snider stated.

ELEV8 is an industry leader in Canada and a part of the leadership in North America among elite club programs. The Sniders’ relationships with NCAA schools have been instrumental in securing post-secondary merit, scholarships, and academic aid for 65 student-athletes. As a result, over $9 million dollars in student aid has been obtained for Western Canadian Student-athletes to pursue post-secondary opportunities.

“It is humbling to positively impact the future of our student-athletes and help shape the next generation. Being able to share my experience and success with young student-athletes has been incredible.  I feel we have made a difference in the lives of individuals in the Alberta lacrosse community. From introducing the sport to new players to helping student-athletes secure opportunities at post-secondary institutions that will greatly impact their future is incredibly special.  Lacrosse has provided me opportunities in life I could never have imagined, and knowing we are creating new players, developing young men and women as student-athletes, and ultimately providing student-athletes with the same opportunities we were afforded is the reason we do what we do”, said Bob Snider.

ELEV8 Lacrosse continues to innovate and has launched Technical Sessions to sharpen positional face-off skills for the two lacrosse disciplines. The Snider’s who are both highly decorated NLL face-off leaders, demonstrated and taught the necessary skills required to be successful face-off specialist. In 2017, ELEV8 launched its newest program for females and held engaging TRYit Clinic for females to try field lacrosse while donating $2,500.00 in a new partnership in honour of this program to KidSport Calgary.

To commemorate ELEV8 Lacrosse’s Tenth Anniversary, a logo has been designed which will be prominent on ELEV8 Apparel and Gear.

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