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ELEV8 2018 Ross Geiger Commits to Tusculum

Ross Geiger has verbally committed to Tusculum College, Greeneville, Tennessee. He’s the first ELEV8 Lacrosse student-athlete to commit to the Division II school and will compete in the South Atlantic Conference

We spoke with Ross to share his commitment. We encourage student-athletes and parents alike to read and learn from his story.

Position: 2018 Goaltender

College Commitment:  Tusculum College

Current Club Team:  ELEV8 Lacrosse 2018



“Tusculum appealed to me because it is a smaller school located in a really cool part of the United States. I knew from my previous University visits what exactly I was looking for. So, when I got to campus and met with the coaching staff and team, I knew there was something different about this school and it was exactly what I was looking for. Tusculum felt like home. I like the demands the coaching staff put on the team while still making it feel like a big second family. Plus, they have the exact program I want to study so it was truly so easy for me to see myself there for 4 years.”

On his experience with ELEV8 Lacrosse

“The ELEV8 coaches helped me secure this opportunity by not only working with me on the field but making sure I was “the whole package”. Right when I started the Elite Fall program back in 2012, the goal of the coaches was to get us to a school on a scholarship. However, all the coaches knew from their experience this required myself and the other athletes to be not only good lacrosse players but good people and good students in the classroom. Over the past 6 years I have been guided by all the coaches (and sometimes yelled at) to make sure I was growing up to be a good person, student and lacrosse player.“

ON his biggest take away

“The biggest lesson I learned from the ELEV8 coaching staff would be the true importance of the little things that someone can do in life. Small tasks such as holding the door for someone or picking up a few pieces of trash when leaving the field may not be hard work or take much time but they both speak heavily to your character and make you stand out from everyone else.

I would say to believe the coaching staff when they say, “Trust the Process”. I was a part of the Fall program since 2012 when I was a red shirt Future (prior to the Rising group) and I can now tell you, it takes time and hard work but there is a home for everybody if they want it bad enough.”


“We couldn’t be more excited for Ross. He has been committed to the process and worked incredibly hard to make this opportunity a realty.

Since 2010, Ross has participated in all our programs including Spring and Summer Box Camps, Elite Fall Program, Winter Training, EXPtc, and Calgary Field. We are confident that Ross will continue to thrive under the guidance of the Tusculum coaching staff and will further develop his skills and complete level which will be positive for the Pioneers and the Tusculum community.”