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Attention to Detail


Calgary, AB -June 11, 2020.  After each on-field or on-floor session at ELEV8 Lacrosse, we bring the student-athletes into a “huddle” and discuss topics relative to not only athletics and sports but life. Periodically, we will share with student-athletes and their families pieces on adversity, growth, leadership and mindset, and working through the day to day challenges that life can throw at us. 

Attention to details

One of the most significant concepts we instill in student-athletes during ELEV8 training sessions is the importance of paying attention to details.  Bags and water bottles are lined up on the sidelines, reversibles are the same colour, helmet straps are buckled up, black shorts and white shirts are worn during training sessions.  In addition, a key influential detail we preach the most is “touching the line.”  Any student-athlete that has participated in ELEV8 programming will attest to the importance of this concept.  During conditioning portions of practices, student-athletes will participate in running drills.  At times, running will occur following friendly competitions for the losing team. An important attribute when running occurs is touching the line with your foot as instructed.  If one individual misses touching a line at any time during the run, we start over.  If that continues on the re-do, the entire group runs.  And believe me, this has happened multiple times in the past.

This exercise isn’t to inflict punishment on the collective group, but designed to stress the importance of small details and their impact on larger things.  In the past, the difference between starting over a sprint has been 2 inches.  Think about that… 2 inches!  


The size of an index finger and middle finger side by side.  We have seen student-athletes look to cut corners by 2 inches to complete the run quicker or be the fastest in the group.  Missing the tiniest detail can put the group back on the line, or worse, put the entire team in a position to run as a unit.

During training sessions, there is always something on the line (no pun intended), and when you sacrifice the little details, the big things may fall apart. Carrying this concept in day to day life is no different.  Adding the incorrect amount of baking powder to a recipe can sabotage the entire operation.  Being late for a job interview by 1 minute can leave a rough first impression. Forgetting to write down a reminder for an important homework assignment can lead to a fail and affect an overall grade.  The relationship between small details on the lacrosse field and small details in our everyday lives are very much aligned.  So, remember that however small the details, they may massively impact the greater picture.