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In the midst of chaos, there is always opportunity


Calgary, AB -December 19, 2020.  After each on-field or on-floor session at ELEV8 Lacrosse, we bring the student-athletes into a “huddle” and discuss topics relative to not only athletics and sports but life. Periodically, we will share with student-athletes and their families pieces on adversity, growth, leadership and mindset, and working through the day to day challenges that life can throw at us. 

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
– Sun Tzu

Things were looking good for a moment. Smooth sailing, as some would say. June greeted the province with open arms; people were out and about with summer months just around the corner. Sports, fitness and recreational activities were in full swing. Things were looking promising for the city and province with the community in good spirits.

Enter October. With the weather beginning to turn, indoor activities cranking up, and schools well into fall semesters, another shutdown was imminent. Things were getting tense as folks worked hard to prevent another closure while keeping an optimistic perspective heading into the winter months.

Boom. Chaos presents itself.

Last week’s announcement of a 4-week province-wide closure hit hard as COVID cases continued to increase. With schools and sports teams taking a pause, shutting down the rest of the province was a tough but necessary action. Fitness centres, restaurants and multiple small businesses are facing a challenging month ahead. The community has once again been affected by uncertainty and chaos knocking at the door.

So how will you answer?

“In the midst of chaos, there is always opportunity.”

For some, chaos is a hard blow, putting one down and out indefinitely. For others, it’s more motivation to dig a little deeper and re-focus on tactics and strategy, whether it be within a group or individually. There are always ways to counter and go on the attack when chaos shows itself.

Can’t compete athletically? Stay disciplined in individual training with what you have, so you haven’t missed a step when the time comes.

Are you missing social interaction? Set up a facetime call with family and peers.

Chaos provides an opportunity for growth and a chance to recalibrate habits, mindset, goals and daily perspective. It shows us areas we may never have seen before when things are business as usual. Regardless of what we do, chaos will present itself at some point in our lives. What we do with the opportunity hidden beneath is what matters. Take advantage of this time to see the opportunity within the chaos.